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The 411 — What exactly are Bloc Dispensary Loyalty Rewards Points?

Each time that you make a purchase on cannabis products or other items at your state’s JG locations, you will earn reward points that can be redeemed for discounts in the future.

So, how can I start earning these Reward Points?

With every purchase you will receive 1 point for each dollar spent (before taxes) at JG locations in your state or by ordering online for pick-up via justicegrown.com. Participating markets / locations only. Points can only be redeemed and earned in the same state. Sign up with your email here to start earning.

How can I redeem my Reward Points?

JG Loyalty Reward Points are redeemable when you reach the following milestones:

  • 200 pts –  $10 off*
  • 400 pts –  $20 off*
  • 600 pts –  $30 off*
  • 800 pts –  $40 off*
  • 1000 pts – $50 off*
  • 1200 pts – $60 off*

JG Loyalty Rewards Points carry no cash value and cannot be used for purchasing gift cards. Points are only redeemable when milestones are reached (i.e. 200 pts, 400 pts, etc) and can be redeemed partially. Points cannot be combined across different states.

Example of partially redeeming points: You have earned 1000 points. You would like to redeem your 200 points offer for $5 off. You still have 800 points remaining that you can redeem.


Purchase must be over reward amount. Rewards do not stack with other discounts and promotions.

*200 pts – $10 OFF – This reward can only be redeemed with a shopping cart minimum of $25.

*400 pts – $20 OFF – This reward can only be redeemed with a shopping cart minimum of $50.

*600 pts – $30 OFF – This reward can only be redeemed with a shopping cart minimum of $75.

*800 pts – $40 OFF – This reward can only be redeemed with a shopping cart minimum of $100.

*1000 pts – $50 OFF – This reward can only be redeemed with a shopping cart minimum of $125.

*1200 pts – $60 OFF – This reward can only be redeemed with a shopping cart minimum of $150.

What purchases will earn me Reward Points?

Virtually all purchases at JG locations in your state will earn you reward points. Points will be deducted on returned items.

How long are Reward Points valid for?

JG Loyalty Rewards Points and redeemed awards do not expire.

How can I find out how many Reward Points I have earned?

JG Patient Care Advocates can retrieve your JG Loyalty Reward Points account balance in-store. The email address/phone number associated with your account will also receive updates on your JG Loyalty Rewards Points account balance.

Can anyone join the Loyalty Rewards Club?

Yes! All JG customers that are eligible to shop at our dispensary locations may participate in the program.

When will I receive my Reward Points?

Points are distributed within 24 to 48 hours of making a purchase at a JG location. Once you redeem points for a reward, the points will be deducted from your balance and the reward will be attributed to your account.

Can Reward Points be used across state lines at Out-of-State Bloc Dispensary Locations?

No, your Reward Points may only be used within the same state’s JG Loyalty Rewards Program. You can however set up a separate JG Loyalty Rewards account in each state that you shop in, however points cannot be added up or transferred over to other state locations.

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