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Our Products

At Justice Grown, we are committed to providing high quality and responsibly produced cannabis at affordable prices. We believe in order to achieve excellence, attention to detail is paramount to every step of our process. Justice Grown currently operates cultivation centers in California and Illinois with additional sites in development across multiple states.

Flower: All flower products are grown and processed at our Illinois and California cultivation facilities. To ensure the highest quality, our flower undergoes rigorous quality assurance measures and internal inspections from the time of propagation until they are packaged. Additionally, every batch is tested by a state sanctioned third-party lab for safety, as well as for its cannabinoid and terpene profile, before we deem it acceptable to bring to market.

Pre-rolls: Our pre-rolled cones are assembled by hand, using freshly ground flower material.

Concentrates: We develop a variety of concentrates that are focused on maintaining the high-terpene, full spectrum attributes of the cannabis plant.

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