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Inclusive, not Exclusive

At Justice Grown, we farm and produce only high quality, affordable cannabis products. 

It is our mission to educate both consumers and communities about the values of cannabis, from its medicinal healing properties to the communal aspect of bringing people together.

We are working diligently to repair the many injustices caused by prohibition, while providing safe, legal access to cannabis.

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Our Roots are Showing

It’s simple. We believe that quality is worth going the extra mile. Our cultivators take meticulous care to ensure that our products are outstanding, while still remaining affordable and accessible.

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Justice Grown is a rapidly growing cannabis company that is based in the U.S. We hold multiple licenses across seven states, including California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Missouri, and Utah.


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Instagram post 2190950693727373589_6160431817 It’s that time of year! 
Time to celebrate the wonderful nonprofits that we have had the pleasure of meeting this year.

Justice Grown is pleased to introduce you to five organizations that we LOVE and think are doing really important work for their communities.

We encourage you to check out their websites and consider donating or volunteering with them!

1) I Grow Chicago: They provide a safe, healing space for over 3,000 people a year with the goal of addressing the root cause of trauma and violence in the heart of their own neighborhood.

2) Open Communities: They represent and assist people going through evictions and investigate discriminatory landlords.

3) Farm Workers & Landscapers Advocacy Project (FLAP): They provide legal aid and services for low income laborers experiencing workers rights violations and provide resources to people facing complicated immigration situations.

4) Growing Home: They have a large urban farm in Englewood that grows food for local farmers markets, holds educational programing, and hosts an amazing job training program for people from their community.

5) Jail Brakers: They serve families who struggle with the social and economic impacts of incarceration through support groups, community building, and support for family visits.

Let us know if you decide to add any of these great orgs to your donation list this year!!! #nonprofitsrule 
Instagram post 2175093399869632949_6160431817 Have you thanked a veteran today? We want to take a moment to say thank you to all those who have fought for our freedoms, we appreciate your sacrifices and commitment. Happy Veterans day! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Instagram post 2156010186123519166_6160431817 Beyond thrilled to participate in Oakland Community College’s Cannabis Career Fair today! #ilcannabiscommunity #cannabiscareers #socialjustice #medicalcannabiscommunity #justicegrownil
Instagram post 2098668736386322397_6160431817 Not Art and Science serve alone; 
Patience must in the work be shown. 
#mondaymotivation #justicegrown #justicegrownil #medicalmarijuana #medicalcannabis #cannanis #cannabisculture #cultivate #heyzae 
#ilmmj #illinoiscannabis
Instagram post 2075180865906100529_6160431817 That new 🍒👊 is making us happy😃
Speaking of happy...
Meet our new team member, Nick. We’re super happy that he joined our #justicegrown family as our new head grower! With his first JG harvest right around he corner, we’re counting down the days to bring happy to #dispensaries in #illinois 🙂 
How do you cultivate your happy? 
#happy #justicegrown #illinoiscannabis #cannabis #cultivatehappy #letthecountdownbegin #🍒 #👊 #medicalcannabis #ilmmj #newstrains
Instagram post 2056232631884058758_6160431817 llinois: Welcome to the end of cannabis 🌿 prohibition! 🙌🏽 #smiling #ilmmj #legalization #illinois  #illinoiscannabis #justicegrown #socialjustice #diversitymatters  #theashleys #femaleleaders
Instagram post 2054885791788024875_6160431817 Your move, Illinois House of Representatives♟ 
#legalizeit 👮🏼‍♀️#socialjustice ⚖️ #cannabis 🌿 #ilmmj 💚 #justicegrown💯#diversitymatters⚠️ #expungements 🗂#historyinthemaking 🔜 #politics 📜
Instagram post 2026329445266395407_6160431817 Happy holiday! How are you celebrating today? #420 #fourtwenty #justicegrown #medicalcannabis #cannabis #ilmmj 
Tell us 👇
Instagram post 1984422059996158866_6160431817 Smoke some with your dog, no stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks!
Some of that real sticky icky icky, ooh wee! - @snoopdogg ♥️ We can’t wait 🔥
Instagram post 1984378539704949704_6160431817 Cannabis is medicine! ✌️♥️🙂 Justice Grown’s Jamil Taylor at NJ Cannabis Media’s CEO roundtable discussion. 
Shoutout to @rebeccamencel for the footage 🙏🏼 #cannabisismedicine #justicegrown #njmmj #ceoswag #socialjustice #diversityincannabis #njcannabiscommunity

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