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Justice Grown is part of Justice Cannabis Co.‘s growing line of national dispensaries. Our parent company, Justice Cannabis Co. holds multiple licenses across 8 states, including California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Michigan, Missouri, and Utah.




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We know how to deliver you the best experience, no matter what you’re looking for.
When life gets tough, we make it better. 🌱
Wishing everyone a happy, thankful day!
et’s go on this journey together.
We believe that the journey is where you really find yourself.
If you have a desire to explore and discover, we are here for you.
Skies the limit ☁️
A path to feeling good.
Quality cannabis that gets you where you want to be.
We believe in community, connection and real conversation.
Justice Grown. The power of people, plants and the combination of the two.
We don't just create create products, we create experiences.
Get out there and explore.
Happy Halloween from Justice Grown
A better route to feeling good.
Nothing But good vibes over here.

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