Incubation and Career Training

Creating Equity in the Industry

An incubator is a collaborative program that helps new companies successfully transition an idea into reality via capital, training, support, and networking.

Business incubators are extremely important, especially when they target potential businesses from under-served areas. In addition to inherently supporting small businesses, these incubators:

    • Remove barriers to access for people/communities who have been historically excluded from business ownership through discrimination
    • Create dedicated contacts and connections these people would not have otherwise had
    • Provide new business owners with training so that their chances of success are higher
    • Equip new business owners with access to mentors for support and guidance throughout their careers
    • Drive economic growth to under-served areas via supporting minority owners that are more likely to operate in areas that are usually avoided

Justice Grown works with community partners that help us identify optimal candidates for ownership teams. We work hard to ensure that these ownership teams are comprised of majority minority owners, hailing from areas historically impacted by the war on drugs. Once an ownership team is formed, Justice Grown supplies the capital, expertise, and manpower needed to apply for and obtain licenses. Additionally, Justice Grown employees stay engaged in the community, working with leaders and organizations to continue to give back to these areas by supporting their local nonprofit organizations and participating in volunteer efforts in those communities.

Like the incubator program, our career training program aims to educate individuals from under-served areas with the express purpose of finding them employment within the cannabis industry. We feel that offering a training program alongside our incubator will allow us to continue our restorative justice work in this realm even when there aren’t any licenses to apply for.

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