Justice Cannabis Co. announces new management team in customer service

Exceptional customer service is many things in the cannabis industry. It’s offering high-quality, innovative products. It’s providing a better shopping experience – in store and online. It’s taking the time to share knowledge and experience. It’s listening to the customer and being attentive to feedback.

At Justice Cannabis Co., we are passionate about providing the best experience for our customers in all states that we operate in. We are listening. And we are taking action.

To tell you about the changes we are making here is a statement from our National Retail Director, Dre Trobadovic:

We changed our management team. Ours value, and our mission remain the same.”

Justice Cannabis Co. is committed to providing a supportive experience, product with integrity, educated consultation, and striving to always do what is right for our customers at our dispensaries across the country.

Really, our new management direction is from you. We have humbly heard our areas of opportunity. We have updated our defective return policy to better meet your needs and your schedule to provide you with more confidence in your choices. We are committed to offering different ways to shop, so you can choose what makes you most comfortable and feel assured. Whether you like to be in-and-out quickly, you know exactly what you’re looking for or have a list of questions, we are here to listen and guide at your pace. 

We strive for constant improvement, and you define our success. We encourage open communication with us about any ideas, feedback, or any insight that would help us serve you better. Please ask to speak with a manager on duty or email us. For Justice Grown: For Bloc Dispensary: For Bloc Pharmacy (Utah):” 

-Dre Trobradovic, National Retail Director.”

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Our new management changes we’re made with you in mind to give you a better cannabis experience from dispensary to product choice. If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out anytime at Justice Grown.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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