How to Prepare and Consume Rick Simpson Oil

Recently, we discussed a product called Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, which is known to have a thick, sticky quality, not unlike tar, and is often sourced from indica strains. This kind of cannabis extract has many different forms and uses. Due to its THC-heavy nature, RSO is prohibited in most states, however, there are potential medical benefits to consuming this product.

One of the great things about RSO is that it preserves all of the important terpenes, cannabinoids, and other cannabis compounds you want from a plant. Some members of the community view it as a “miracle cure,” touting benefits like pain relief, lowered blood pressure, and even cancer treatment, among other medicinal qualities. These assertions remain largely unsubstantiated, but that doesn’t mean the product isn’t worth investigating.

The Man Behind RSO 

Ever since the late ’90s, Rick Simpson experienced a host of health problems that all came to a head in 2002 when doctors diagnosed him with basal cell carcinoma. Tired of taking prescription medications that only exacerbated his problems, Simpson decided to try cannabis and was amazed by the results. After his diagnosis, he set out to create a form of cannabis that could be rubbed onto the affected areas. He wound up with a topical extraction that allegedly cured his basal cell carcinoma — a result that has not been scientifically verified.

This wasn’t the end of his story, however. Once his cancer was gone, Simpson continued to work on his extraction methods until he perfected a process for creating RSO. He has since become an important activist in the community, educating others about the plant’s medicinal qualities.

How to Prepare RSO

If you want to prepare some Rick Simpson Oil yourself, you will need about a pound of dried cannabis plant that is THC heavy, two gallons of either high-percentage isopropyl alcohol or food-grade ethanol, a big bucket, a spoon, a sizable bowl, cheesecloth or a coffee strainer, and a syringe. If you happen to have a rice cooker, that will also come in handy.

First, ensure any large pieces of flower are broken down into smaller bits. Add the cannabis to your bucket, along with a gallon of whichever of the aforementioned solutions you choose, and carefully stir until the plant has liquified. From there, you will want to filter the mixture into the bowl for approximately 60 seconds using either a cheesecloth or coffee filter. Take whatever pulp remains from the filtration process and return it to the bucket. Then, add another gallon of solution and repeat the stirring and filtering steps once again, ensuring you’ve extracted all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds from the original plant. You may throw out whatever pulp remains after the second round of filtration.

RSO does not need to be heated, however, placing the mixture in a rice cooker will expedite the final result. If you choose to take this last step, you will want to ensure there is plenty of ventilation. Also, the RSO mixture is flammable, so be extra careful and make sure it does not come in contact with anything that could ignite the solution, like an open flame or stove burner.

Fill the rice cooker roughly three-quarters of the way with the extraction and set it anywhere from 210 degrees to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. You should add ten drops of water per 16 ounces throughout the process to keep the product from burning. As the solution evaporates, keep an eye on it until the pot is at half capacity, then pour in some of the remaining mixture until it’s back up to the three-quarter point. What you’ll be looking for is a thick, greasy, dark-green oil. Once your mixture has achieved this look and consistency, you have yourself a nice, fresh batch of RSO ready for the taking. Grab your syringe and fill it with oil for easy distribution.

How to Consume RSO

RSO is a versatile form of cannabis that can be taken in a number of ways. You may consume it orally, apply it to an area of your skin, or take it under the tongue. Using a syringe is a useful way to distribute a controlled amount, and you should definitely go easy if you’re not especially experienced with other cannabis products.

A good measurement principle is to take a drop of oil that’s no larger than a single rice grain. You can incrementally add rice-grain-sized drops as your body gets used to RSO, but we recommend you pace yourself when increasing your dosage to minimize potential side effects. It is also recommended to consult a medical professional.

If you want to treat an area of your skin, you can add some olive oil or coconut oil for a smoother application experience and then seal it off with a bandage. You will want to change out your dressing every time you reapply the oil.

Consuming RSO sublingually will result in the energizing sensations associated with THC. If you want to feel that THC charge, be prepared for an intense bitterness, and keep a drink handy to mitigate the unpleasant flavor.

If you like your edibles, you can do the same with RSO, though bear in mind that the taste will be harsh. It doesn’t go down easily either, so it’s a good idea to put it in food or take it in a capsule. Oral consumption causes RSO to last longer, but that longevity could come at the expense of the overall potency.

These are the primary recommended intake methods. Like any other product, you can choose a form of consumption that best suits your needs, though when it comes to RSO, you should avoid smoking, vaping, or dabbing.

If Rick Simpson Oil sounds like a product you could benefit from, we encourage you to try it for yourself, though it’s a good idea to consult with a dispensary expert first. Just remember, if anything doesn’t agree with you, listen to your body, and keep on experimenting until you find something that feels right.

Prepare RSO for Usage

It is recommended to slightly warm the product before usage. This will aide in ease of dosing.

Method One: Hold the RSO syringe in your hand for a few minutes.

Method Two:  Place the RSO syringe in bowl of warm water taking care that the capped applicator side is submerged and the plunger side stays dry.

Method Three: Place the capped applicator side of the distillate syringe under wam, running water making sure the plunger side stays dry.

Pro Tip: Stop pushing the plunger and pull it back before getting to the desired dosage because product will continue to dispense.

RSO has many uses

  • Easily infuse food and beverages
  • Vaporize
  • Dab it
  • DIY Capsules
  • Enhance topical creams and lotions
  • Add to flower
  • Can be digested as is

Ways to consume RSO orally

Squeeze out your dose into an empty capsule and ingest orally.

Squeeze the oil onto a small piece of food and consume.

Squeeze distillate drop under your tongue.

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