Since our inception, Justice Grown has been dedicated to elevating the pursuit of justice in all forms. With this value at heart, we have come to believe that climate change and environmental degradation are some of the most important issues of our time. 

Justice Grown is committed to our sustainability initiatives because we feel that it is our responsibility to offset the negative effects of our industry on the environment. As we head into the new year, we will refine many of our cultivation and extraction operating procedures and standards to further minimize our impact to our planet.

Justice Grown Sustainability Initiatives:

  • We will employ sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and compostable grow media, rather than using non-biodegradable media such as stone wool.
  • We will introduce methods that will maximize water conservation and water reclamation into our cultivations. Our goal is to recycle as much water as possible – including rain and snow – so that we are not depleting our municipal sources.
  • Where applicable, we are also exploring solar technology options to generate power in order to offset energy consumption.
  • Our outdoor and greenhouse cultivations will continue to use sun rather than indoor lights, conserving energy. Additionally, this operation produces very little waste and employs living, organic rich soil.
  • In our effort to reduce waste, we are changing our national packaging to a more green option.
  • Justice Grown recycles spent organic material to fertilize future plants. We are also working on a cannabis packaging recycling program.
  • Justice Grown HQ is currently in the process of switching to more green office cleaning supplies.
  • Justice Grown Illinois HQ composts all organic food waste, has invested in a SodaStream to avoid buying plastic bottles, and has eliminated the trash bins at every desk to encourage employees to reduce their waste by having to share a central bin. We are working to expand this standard at every Justice Grown office.

While the cannabis industry has a large carbon footprint, many of us care deeply about the earth and are working diligently to try and reduce our negative impact. We will continue to promote sustainability to our partners, patients, and customers. 

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