Why do Veterans Need Cannabis?

At Justice Grown, we realize the importance of increasing access to cannabis for those that have served our country. However the designation of cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic – which questionably places it in the same category as LSD, cocaine and heroin – makes it difficult for vets to access it, even in markets where it is legal.

Many veterans have witnessed atrocities of war and have fought through life-and-death situations that most Americans will never have to experience. Because of these events, many vets suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and symptoms of anxiety, as well as chronic pain resulting from injuries sustained during service.

While many veterans live on a limited income or pension, their only option to manage these symptoms is through potentially harmful opioids and painkillers provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Despite the country’s current opioid crisis, the VA will not prescribe or even recommend cannabis – which is far less risky – as a treatment for these symptoms, nor will it help veterans pay for it. This forces many veterans to either obtain cannabis illegally, to expend their limited income on cannabis, or just to stick with the free opioids that the VA will provide to them, even if they risk addiction or death. Further, many vets that hold federal jobs are not able to lawfully use cannabis, in fear of being fired.

Further, while the VA cannot deny a veteran their benefits for using cannabis, it can affect their treatment plans, depending on how their doctor views the medical nature of the plant. In either case, veterans cannot be in possession of any cannabis products while on VA property, even in states where it is legal.

At Justice Grown, we believe that no one of legal age in states with a legal cannabis program should be denied access, nor should they fear repercussions for using it, especially those that have risked their lives for our country. That is why we team with various veteran organizations in the communities that we operate in, fighting to raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis and to help increase access to cannabis products for vets. Additionally, we offer everyday discounts at all of our dispensary locations for those that have served in the U.S. armed forces.

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