Microdose: Less Is More

You know when you order a large pizza, and you think to yourself “Why not? I feel like treating myself tonight”? By the time you’ve finished that eighth slice, you understand why less is more.

The same principle applies to microdosing cannabis. It’s the art of taking just enough to feel what you want without regretting the results after.

The industry standard for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is 10 mg, however, not everyone has the same tolerance level. Sometimes, taking a small amount is “just right.” (Of course, make sure a family of bears doesn’t catch you raiding its stash!) 

How Much Is Just Right?

As far as THC goes, a good principle is to start with 2.5-5 mg and give yourself about two hours to settle in. This way, you can dip your toe into the good stuff without having to dive headfirst. For other products, as a general rule of thumb, it ranges anywhere from 5% of your typical dose to as little as 1%. 

Microdosing can offer you a range of wellness benefits without the intense trips that may come from altered states of consciousness. 

How Can It Help Me?

For what purposes do people microdose? 

Microdosing can help alleviate anxiety, regulate emotions, get your creative juices flowing, put you at ease in social situations, clear your mind, and more. Some have even noticed associated improvements with stuttering and greater control over addictions. Talk about more bang for your buck! And you know that stereotype of the lazy stoner? Well, you can write that one off, as microdosing is actually thought to encourage greater focus and productivity. Ain’t that something?

While this method of consumption is generally viewed as a beneficial practice, it’s important to note that microdosing research is still largely in its infancy. As such, the hard data is not there yet to back these claims. Regardless, many consumers find that microdosing offers a lot of benefits without the harsh side effects.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Even though people who microdose don’t typically feel the heavier effects of a full dose, it is possible to experience drawbacks. 

In some cases, microdosing has led to the opposite of the desired effect, such as a lack of focus and energy, impaired cognitive function, heightened anxiety, and other psychological issues. Because of this, anyone with mental health or psychological concerns should exercise extreme caution with regard to microdosing. 

Another important consideration is the type of product you’re consuming. It’s always advisable to microdose strictly legal products, as the illegal drugs are, well, illegal for one, but also unregulated. Without oversight, you don’t know what you’re putting into your body. And believe us, you don’t want that!

Consuming the right product for you, with a little bit of caution, will go a long way.

How Does One Microdose?

Understand that precise math is important for proper microdosing. If you are new to the practice and hesitant of measuring your own portions, there are plenty of tinctures, chocolates, gummies, dissolvable tablets, and even mints on the market for quick and easy pre-measured doses. 

The key is dose control, which is something you can expect from a trusted vendor. Dosages are measured with precision, though we recommend partial sampling any time you try a new product for the first time. For example, if you buy gummies, start with half a gummy and see how it makes you feel.

You can purchase products with different THC to CBD ratios depending on the type of results you want. For those hoping to have a non-psychoactive experience, THC-free formulas are also available. When shopping, you can find products that are designed to target specific needs, such as relaxation, sleep aid, pain and allergy relief, and other therapeutic applications.

Product availability varies by market. No matter what, always make sure you buy from a trusted provider, as there are plenty of disadvantages to purchasing from unregulated suppliers.  

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