Mindful Consumption: How to Consume Cannabis Mindfully

Consuming cannabis isn’t just about “getting high, man.” No, it’s something more. It’s a commitment to mindfully listen to your body’s needs. It’s a journey to a fuller version of you. It’s a natural way to treat whatever ailment your mind, body, or soul is experiencing. 

For those who are truly seeking a deeper connection with their natural healing and looking to do so through cannabis consumption, these are the steps one can take to become a mindful consumer.

Consider Your Body’s Needs and Limits

You must always understand and respect how your body naturally reacts to product intake. In order to prevent an adverse reaction, know what you want to get from your cannabis consumption. 

Have a specific purpose in mind when seeking products so you can calmly treat whatever is in need of attention without sending you on a wild ride. Going into it before setting a specific goal can lead you astray.

Get to know the different types of terpenes and cannabinoids. Through thoughtful research, you will gain a better understanding of specific effects. This way, you can mindfully seek out products with terpene/cannabinoid combinations that are ideal for you.

Healthy cannabis consumption requires a little experimentation. When doing so, we advise that you begin by microdosing to ensure you don’t overdo it. Vaporizers are useful tools for such a practice. 

Remember, if something isn’t feeling right, don’t force it. There are plenty of other strains under the sun.

Continue Your Inner Work for Maximum Effectiveness

It’s easy to fall into the habit of leaning on cannabis for purely recreational purposes. While there is nothing wrong with kicking back and having fun (after all, it’s part of how we positively feed our souls), it’s important to continue our spiritual work to reap the greatest benefits from our consumption. If you truly want to go on a powerful journey, it begins with mindful meditation. 

Throughout history, this healing plant has been used in conjunction with spiritual awakening practices, and you can continue the tradition with your cannabis use.

Begin by taking a moment to explore what you are looking to gain from cannabis — healing, enjoyment, or otherwise. This will help you create both a healthy routine and a connection to your consumption practice. 

Whenever you engage in meditation, it’s important to remain still, calm, and keep your focus on the present moment. You can use the rhythm of your breathing, your heartbeat, or physical sensations in your body to settle your thoughts. No matter what, be gentle and kind to yourself; if your mind drifts away from you, softly take notice and allow it to return. 

Start with a daily five-minute practice, then increase from there. Once you’ve become comfortable with meditation, you can begin to incorporate cannabis into your routine. For this ritual, it’s advisable to consume products with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio for optimal results. Just make sure you do not begin on an empty stomach. 

Allow yourself time to recognize the effects and understand that every person has their own unique experience. Set a goal to maintain a consistent practice for a few months and see if you notice a difference. If you struggle with your thoughts, it may encourage you to know that the CBD can help you focus. And of course, be mindful of the type of product you use. 

Keep in mind that this isn’t a magic bullet. It does require work on your part. With that said, meditation, combined with cannabis products, can create a fuller healing process that will soothe the mind and the body.

Don’t Overdo It

The goal of mindful cannabis consumption is not to get high, but to heal. Discipline and restraint are key when mindfully treating your needs with cannabis. 

In order to better manage your usage, get in the habit of keeping a record of your intake. What kind of strain are you using? What is the ratio? Is it indica? Is it sativa? A hybrid? What type of terpenes does it have?

Buy a journal and record your experiences. Be detailed and express what you’re feeling. Doing so will give you a solid frame of reference when tracking your journey and your progress. Through trial and error, you can fast track to the most beneficial products for you. Journaling will also help you set an intention while holding you accountable for the frequency and amount of your consumption. 

With regular practice and a little bit of discipline, you can become a mindful cannabis consumer. 

For more information, visit Bloc Dispensary [Bloc Pharmacy]. Let us guide you; connect and get support from one of our Patient Care Advocates / Budtenders. 



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