Welcome back! You liked our first terminology guide so much that you wanted more, eh? There are plenty of terms that fresh and eager cannabis consumers can add to their vocabulary — so many, in fact, that we can’t possibly cover it all in one piece, which is why we’re returning with the next installment in the series.

Now that you have a solid grasp of the basic terms, you may be browsing our inventory and asking yourself “What in the heck is ‘flower?’ What is a ‘tincture?'” Well, not to worry because, by the end of this guide, you’ll be so well-versed in product terminology that you’ll know exactly what to add to your shopping cart.


Flower is the part of a plant containing the greatest amount of cannabinoids, and while this term typically refers to a product that is ground up and smoked or vaporized, it can also be found in edibles, concentrates, and extracts. This natural form of cannabis comes in a diverse assortment of flavors and prices, and the effects vary greatly by strain. Here are a few examples: 

  • Arise is a hybrid that presents a nice mix of relaxation and uplifting energy to give you positive spirits while soothing pain.
  • Pelirroja leans heavy on sativa and is great for creative endeavors and enhancing concentration. 
  • Lime Sorbet is an indica type that is flavorful and ideal for relaxing and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

There are countless strains available on the market, so it’s always a good idea to speak with an experienced dispensary employee for recommendations.


A type of product with healing applications usually sold in a vial with a dropper or as a spray, tinctures provide quick results and are made up of a liquified, blended solution composed of cannabis and either glycerin or alcohol. Tinctures sometimes contain lots of THC and other cannabinoids and are typically taken by consumers seeking targeted effects and/or a dosing method.  


Ingestibles, also known as “edibles,” are products that are usually consumed by eating and can often hit you harder and last longer than smokable forms of cannabis. Other items that fall into the “ingestibles” category include beverages and capsules.


Topicals are products infused with cannabis that you massage into your skin. They can be useful for easing pain symptoms and do not usually produce any of the energizing or mind-altering effects associated with other variants. Topicals can come in the form of salves, lotions, and creams.


Vaporizers are devices that heat up their contents (often oil) and produce a vapor for inhalation. This type of product offers an alternative to traditional smoking, and while it is generally viewed as a safer method, more research is needed to determine the long-term effects. A few types of vaporizers you may find are:

  • Flower vapes, which are handheld, battery-operated units that are designed to heat dried, ground-up flower products.
  • Oil vapes, which are like flower vapes, only they use oil-based cannabis products.
  • Tabletop vapes, which are bigger, plug into a wall outlet, and are built to provide the most refined vaporizing experience. Unlike portable vapes, these fancy devices allow you to modify temperature so that the nature and taste of the product aren’t compromised.  

Rick Simpson Oil

Named after its creator who was suffering from basal cell carcinoma and looking for a more natural treatment method, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a product with medicinal applications and is thought to ease symptoms of cancer.


Like the name implies, these products contain pure concentrated extractions of cannabinoids, which yield a stronger effect than what you’d experience from consuming flower. There’s far too much to say about this category than a brief summary will allow, but don’t you worry, we’ll cover this in greater detail in this series.

Now that you have some more new words under your belt, you can enter a dispensary with confidence and a better understanding of what’s on the shelves. And remember, there’s never an ounce of judgment, regardless of how new you are. We all started from the beginning, and we’re all in this together. Whenever you come to our dispensary, you are among friends who are excited and enthusiastic about educating and bringing you up to speed. It’s our goal to keep you in blazingly good spirits



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