A Message From Justice Grown’s CEO Regarding COVID-19

Dear Friends,

First, and most importantly, we at Justice Grown hope that you and your families are safe and well.

Regarding the development of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we understand how an unprecedented event like this can impact every facet of our daily lives. Indeed, initiatives that some local governments have rolled out, such as social distancing and shelter-in-place, will be inconvenient in the short term. However, we hope that these directives will help our planet avoid any potential long-term consequences of this virus.

Many markets have seen the shutdown of “non-essential” businesses and events, such as gyms, beauty shops, dine-in restaurants, and malls. Because many patients rely on medical cannabis for health and survival, Justice Grown Pennsylvania dispensaries will remain open, as they have been designated as “essential businesses” by PA Governor Tom Wolf and the Department of Health.

Our two dispensary locations in Northeastern Pennsylvania have implemented an “online orders only” policy, where customers will place orders in advance via, with no more than 3 patients allowed on the dispensary floor at a time. Our dispensary team members have been instructed to frequently wash hands and to utilize hand sanitizers which are placed at every register, desk, and office. Regular sanitation of the site is scheduled to happen on an hourly basis. The dispensary staff is also practicing social distancing, remaining 3-to-6 feet apart from one another and customers. With a “no mingling” policy temporarily in place, transaction time has been severely reduced, with patients in-and-out of the store within minutes. Employees that are exhibiting symptoms will be asked to stay home from work. Customers that are exhibiting symptoms will unfortunately not be allowed entry into the dispensary. We are discussing other possible options with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to serve our patient base.

Our private operations across the country are also practicing many of the methods mentioned above, as well as those defined by the CDC. Some of these initiatives include frequent hand sanitizing/washing, maintaining social distances, avoiding physical contact, video conferencing whenever possible, reporting travel, solitary lunches, and staying home if an employee or family member is ill.

The cannabis industry remains defined as an essential business in the markets that we serve, as many patients rely on our products for their health and quality of life. Implementing the requirements such as shelter-in-place and social distancing, Justice Grown will remain steadfast and continue operating in order to serve our patients and consumers with the medicine and products that they need. We are closely monitoring the situation and are following directives laid forth by national, state, and local governments. As always, we will put the health and safety of our staff and community above all else.

We thank you for your support and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Darin Carpenter
Chief Executive Officer
Justice Grown

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